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January is Hobby Month – Get a New Hobby in Kalamazoo

Make Studio is a small family owned business on Gull Road that walks you through creating small interior wood decorations step-by-step. According to their website, they boast 5 stains, 35 paint colors, and encourage you to BYOB. Learn more about their workshops and how to book private events here.

Grab some friends and make a night out of sipping wine and painting at many great restaurants in our area. Wine & Canvas is a mobile operation that brings art supplies and know-how and helps you create a one-of-a-kind piece of art for your home, or as a gift. Just use their handy calendar to find where they are going to be, register, and you’re all set. They also do Cookies & Canvas for the gifted little-artist in your family, and private parties, too.

A lot of people say they don’t have the guts to get on stage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be involved in theatre. There is so much that goes in to building a live show from the ground up. From painting sets to manning the follow spots (spotlights) to ushering for performances, there is so much to be done. Contact the Director of Volunteers and discover a love of theatre.

If there’s one thing Kalamazoo does more than brew beer it’s run. Running clubs pop up all the time, and one of the largest and most organized is the Borgess Run Camp. Whether you’re looking to be more active in 2019 or you want to meet new people, joining a running club is a great start. A lot of runners will tell you that the key to sticking with running is camaraderie; having a support system to keep you going. There’s no shortage of accountability in the Borgess Run Camp. Running not your thing, but a new, fun, team sport is up your address, check out Pickleball. A friend of mine swears by it.




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