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Yes, Your Small Business Needs an ‘About’ Page


Though the About page is fundamental to nearly every website, most business owners tend to simply “get it over with” by filling it with a brief, uninspiring bio , not realizing just how valuable an asset it really is.

As a matter of fact, it is one of the most frequently visited pages on your website. A 2015 study reveals that 52 percent of people tend to visit a company’s About page when they first land on the homepage.

Why Your ‘About’ Page Matters

So, why do so many people exhibit such behaviour? Shouldn’t they check out the Pricing section first? Or perhaps all the content and resources that you offer?

It’s simple. Here’s an analogy: when you satisfy a new person at some event, what’s the first thing that you do? You check for similarities. By asking about their background, pastimes, favorite food, and so on, you try to discern whether they have a “similar story” as you. It is only when you find them believable that you start forming a meaningful connection with them and consider investing endeavour in maintaining the relationship.

Similarly, when a prospect visits your website for the first time, they head to the About page to find out if they can trust you. They want to know your tale and judge whether you “get them” and their problems. They want to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. Hence, if you create a personal, likable, and believable About page, your prospects are more likely to be comfortable buying from you.

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How to Generate a Cogent ‘About’ Page

Finding your company’s unique identity and voice, and then translating it into a well-crafted copy will take time. However, keep the following guidelines in intellect and you’ll be well on your style to creating a obligating About Us page.

Keep it customer-centric

Your About page does not have to be all about you. Your clients are on your website because they are facing a problem/ challenge with which they need your help. If you are able to prove that you understand their problem, they’ll feel more inclined to trust you.

So, don’t exalt your company by only writing big, philosophical missions and visions. Instead, do write them but keep it real and very clear that you’re here to solve their problems. Also, don’t hesitate to parade some genuine client testimonies to prove your quality of work.

Tell your tale

Storytelling is an extremely powerful means to captivate your audience’s attention. An engaging story about your business’ humble beginnings can establish an immediate trust in your customer’s mind.Share how your services and products was developed to improve lives. Talk about the problems or challenges which you faced yourself which led you to start this business. Genuine narratives humanize your brand, providing context and meaning for your business.

Corroborate you’re not a robot

Feature your best employees with their photos and short bios. It constructs your business look more authentic and human. So, for example, if someone wants to reach out to your human resources department, they know exactly whom to ask for when they bellow.

Attained it memorable

Whatever you do, do not stimulate your About page boring. Strive to create a lasting impression on the minds of your prospects so they don’t forget you the moment they close the tab. People are far more likely to do business with people they like. Forming the right first impression with your ‘About’ page can make all the difference. While the above instance is different from BuildFire’s one, it still appears professional and authentic. And a bit of humor is always welcome.

Finish with a call-to-action

Last but not least, don’t leave your prospect hanging. If you’ve done your ‘About’ page right, ending it with a call-to-action can seal the deal. Some instances include 😛 TAGEND

“Check out our ” “Start your free trial” “Browse our catalog” “Schedule an appointment”

Even a simple “Shop Now” button can work well if crafted well.

Your About page is not just a requirement that needs to be fulfilled because everyone has one and is considered “standard.” Especially for small businesses which lack brand value, creating an amazing About page is akin to making a leading making machine.

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