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What is your Sun and Moon sign and Szondi test result?


For those who don’t know what the Szondi test is, it’s a test created by a Hungarian psychologist named Leopold Szondi.

In this exam, you’re presented with eight images of real life mental patients that Szondi treated. You have to choose which portrait scares you the most. Try to imagine yourself being alone in a dark alley with each of these eight people, and choice which one would scare you the most.

Here is the image: https :// image.myanimelist.net/ ui/ 5LYzTBVoS196gvYvw3zjwEI53Zc14aDEJKe6nyTYVy4

The image that you chose reveals an facet of your personality that you try to repress, or hide from everyone around you. Let’s go through each of them:

Picture 1: “The Sadist”

If you picked this painting, you were probably raised by authoritarian or strict parents. You try to present yourself as an easygoing and peaceful person, but deep down you want to dominate other people. You also secretly enjoy watching people suffer, especially if they’ve wronged you. If someone tries to predominate you, you might become passive aggressive and spiteful.

Picture 2: “The Epileptic”

If you picked this painting, you’re most likely a very emotionally intense person, and you get angry easily. You try to hide this by acting gentle, and unemotional. Occasionally, this facade might crack and you might have an outburst and lash out.

Picture 3: “The Catatonic”

If you picked this painting, you are probably a very intelligent person with an active imagination. However, you try to hide this because you don’t want to come across as eccentric. You do this by adopting “stereotypical” behaviors to appear normal, or basic. However, you still like to follow your own define of rules, and you don’t like being told what to do.

Picture 4: “The Schizophrenic”

If you chose this picture, it means you struggle with feelings of apathy and have trouble connecting with others. You’re pretty indifferent to those around you. You try to hide this by socialize and spending a lot of time with friends and family. You conceal these feelings by simply not talking about them, or feigning you don’t have them.

Picture 5: “The Hysteric”

If you chose this picture, you’re likely concealing some attention-seeking tendencies. You secretly love being the center of attention. You were probably told by your parents to stop showing off so much as a child. So, as an adult, you try to act modestly and don’t draw too much attention to yourself. However, you still like to dress extravagantly, and you partake in unique pastimes to draw attention to yourself.

Picture 6: “The Depressive”

If you chose this scene, it means you’re probably a bubbly and lively person, and try to appear carefree. Deep down, however, you struggle with feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy. You occasionally depict this side of yourself to people by listening to their problems and playing psychiatrist.

Picture 7: “The Maniac”

If you chose this picture, you probably have feelings of restlessness, impulsiveness, and high energy levels. Your parents likely penalized you for hyperactivity as a child. You try to cover this up by appearing logical and collected. You might also pretend to abhor excess and grand displays of feeling. You might also try to avoid places of temptation, like casinos.

Picture 8: “The Split Personality”

If you picked this scene, you might have experienced bullying or some kind of trauma as a child. This trauma made you question your worth as a sexual partner. To encompass this insecurity, you may try to emphasize your traditional gender role by acting very macho or feminine. You might do this at the expense of your actual desires and personality. You might also have a propensity to belittle other members of your sexuality for not conforming to their gender role.

Now, I want people on this subreddit to share both their test outcome and Sun/ Moon combination in the comments.

I’m a Cancer sun and Capricorn moon. I picked Picture 3, and I would say that matches me pretty well.

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