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Want A Happy Life After Divorce? You Have To Let Go Of The Past


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If you want a happy life after divorce then you have to let go of the past.

That’s true regardless of the circumstances that led to the end of your wedding and it’s true for all of us. We all learn things about ourselves in this process. We learn about our values, our beliefs, our options. And, if we do the self-work, we understand where they came from and if they are serving us or hurting us. This is our baggage. We all have it. And some of it has to go.

Author, Antonia Ragozzino calls this process” taking out the litter .” Antonia recently published her second fiction, Taking Out The Litter: Garbage In … Garbage Out. The main character is Ella and Antonia utilized her own first-hand experiences after divorce to assistance Ella sort out her trash.

Listen in to my Dialogue with Antonia Ragozzino to hear what was the hardest piece of junk for Antonia, the most significant and the most surprising.

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