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Salutations, I’m a martial arts “nerd”, and like to study and research about them, as well as doing them of course. I have a background in karate, aikido, krav maga, judo and boxing( these last 2 are the ones I practised the least tho ). I’m 26 y/ o, male.

Nowadays I’m simply doing weight training, but on hype and anxious to go back to some MA, and( VERY IMPORTANT) I want something that will be for life, that I can say I am that martial arts athlete and can focus my physical train on that. which means that I will be able to practice and do my other personal life stuff without a problem throughout this decade and if possible untill I get old.

One of the problems I face is that now I’m a hobby musician( and I wouldn’t like to let that run, it’s like a therapy and important to me ), playing the cello, so I use the precision and flexible of my hands a lot. So, I’d have to practice something that is not GRANTED to fuck up my hands, you know? My favorite alternatives are Judo or BJJ, but I know they come with a high risk of arthritis, which is sad because I like grappling arts a lot.

My other concern “wouldve been” concussions, so boxing and in some ocasions maybe even Muay thai are out of question. It also has to be first a combat sport , not a pure conceptual MA or even mostly conceptual – I’ve had my share with these, so no Aikido, Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, Kung Fu and also no Krav Maga. I’d like something with sparring , not necessarily competitive, but something that would stimulate me ready for an actual fight, and something that would give me a foundation for even get into MMA in the future if I wanted to( because if a MA gives me that, it’s a good combat athletic ).

so I come here asking for you guys to tell me about some experiences and show me some data if possible that would persuade me start doing a given martial art.

My list of pros and cons, considering the risks and health in general( so far the three strongest options are Muay Thai, Judo and BJJ, feel free to add new ones ):



-less falling, low impact and from what I’ve heard less injuries than judo in general, especially if you want to compete( and it’d be nice if I could join some championship once in a while)

-people say that you only get hurt if somebody does something wrong – usually on lower belts

-has some of the japanese appeal that I like( the gi, some of the philosophy and the shared past with Judo)

-I’m not huge, avearage weight and height, skinny athletic, BJJ seems to build you able to overcome stronger foes easier than the other( it’s a ache for me to takedown/ hurl a guy that weighs 10 or more kg than me in judo, for instance)


-the grappling can screw your hands

-higher risk of getting cauliflower ears

-worried that the pressure put on head might be bad for your brain


pros 😛 TAGEND

-techniques seem more “canonized”, seems there are actual official techniques that stimulates you feel safer because you’re not aways improvising

-more legit tournaments

-a more global organization that unifies belting systems and tournaments throughout the world

-quite a bit of the japanese appeal that I like

-takedowns and hurls, cool as fuck

cons 😛 TAGEND

-broken knees for sure

-same grappling traumata in your hands that BJJ causes( i think ?)

-higher risk than BJJ of concussions and other serious injuries in general, due to a lot of falling

Muay Thai


-striking MA, I suppose I’m better at striking than at grappling, but I’m less likely to be using that striking on a real life situation( now that I’ll be going go looking for trouble, but if the difficulty comes to me, I need to feel confident in that MA so I can use what I trained ), the the possibilities of get sued are higher, the damage is even more fatal, and almost aways bigger people would have the advantage against me( BJJ nullifies that a lot)

-I’m less interested in the backstory of MT and the culture aspects/ Thailand stuff doesn’t appeal to me just as much as japanese stuff do

-Lots of MT schools around here are actually teaching Kickboxing disguised as MT

cons 😛 TAGEND

-looks like I wouldn’t be granted to have a lifelong trauma like judokas are regarding their knees and shoulders( sadly ), but if you get injured in MT, it’ll be a striking injury so a very uglier one, likely needing more immediate medical care.

-the punching might be harmful to my hands, even though almost sure that it would be nothing like grappling over the years,

-higher risk of concussions( from what I understand ).

thanks in advance.

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