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Dedicate – Day 30 – Liberate | Yoga With Adriene


Welcome to your Day 30 Dedicate practice. This is our final yoga session of this program. Per tradition, today will require you to have faith, keep an open intellect, and listen to your body.

For your day 30 session, I will take off the mic and practise alongside you, fostering you to utilize all of the tools you have learned on the journey thus far. I will not verbally instruct this session but instead invite you to lead your style.

Find liberty within the kind, use me anytime you need me. I’m here for you! Check in for notions on what to do next, or simply enjoy the music as you move on your own.

Move slow, be mindful and remember, the breath comes first.

You cannot go wrong with this practice as long as you trust.

You have everything you need. And more.

It has been a total honor to be your yoga guide and even more of an honor to be your friend and fellow human in this process and on this journey.

Remember, it’s not the end.

It is most definitely the beginning.


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