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Can we talk about creating stress with knitting?


I have really enjoyed knitting since I started this winter. I enjoy scheming projects, collecting yarn, learning new techniques, and attaining useful things. I love the idea of attaining gifts for people.

But I find that I’ve gotten so overly-enthusiastic that I’ve planned to knit items that have a deadline in order to give as a gift, and then I resent both the deadline and the project. I end up stressing about it because I “have to” work on a certain project in order to complete it, and then I stress out about missteps, or worry that it’s not good enough to give as a gift because I’m still learning, etc. etc. I’m taking a hobby that should bring me joy and imposing stress on it, just like my job already has…plenty of stress and deadlines.

This morning during my commute I gave myself permission to frog an “obligation knit” that’s emphasizing me out. It’s not worth the stress. I will find another gift to give this person for this occasion, and they will be just as satisfied or more so.

I’m not going to knitting for deadlines any more. Items will be finished when they are finished, and I will work on projects as I want to, when I want to.

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