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The Cost Of Your Netflix Subscription Is Going Up, Time To Get A Hobby


This is THE. WORST. DAY. OF. MY. LIIIIIFE. NETFLIX U GREEDY PIECE OF SHIT WEBSITE (JK I love you so much but also I hate you right now).

Starting in May, 17 million sleep-deprived college kids are going to be paying $10 instead of $8 for a Netflix account. No longer will you even have time to Netflix and chill because your ass is going to be working overtime to pay off an extra $24 a year. What’s worse than the degrading little message that pops up on the screen and is like,? Having to pay 8 more quarters to fucking watch for the seventeenth time in a row. Apparently, Netflix announced the price hike in 2014, but DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THEM ANNOUNCING THIS SHIT?

You know what? I would be cool with the price changing if they were adding some quality new content, but I have literally been asking for them to put up for four years now and nothing.

Looks like binge-watching is just not going to happen this summer. This is some bullshit, but whatever. I’m still on my ex-boyfriend’s Netflix account anyway. Sorry Mrs. K, but you were a lil bitch.

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